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Gottfried Wicklein

Karl Wicklein took over the management of the company together with Christa Walter (née Wicklein). Both families rebuilt the factory, situated on the Bucher Straße in Nuremberg, which was destroyed in the Second World War. In 1972 Karl Wicklein died, being only 47 years old.

Christa`s son, Ernst-August Walter, managed the company from 1972-1988, together with his sister Christa Eder (née Walter).

In 1988, the gingerbread- and sweets factory Gottfried Wicklein was taken over by Lebkuchen-Schmidt.

Today, Wicklein Lebkuchen is the leading brand for Original Nürnberger Lebkuchen – regionally, nationally and internationally known and loved for a good reason! Till today, the famous Wicklein gingerbread still owes its special flavor to our old recipes, which are true to the traditional handicraft.



Lebkuchen and Pastry Specialties from Wicklein distinguish themselves by best taste and certified quality.

Select ingredients, fine recipes and careful processing are as important to us as well as a certified quality management system: With the quality-assurance system based on IFS: International Food Standard we guarantee highest quality-standards in manufacturing our products “under hand and seal”.

As a company steeped in tradition it is import to us, to think about the future as well. Thus, we predominantly source chocolate from UTZ-certified cocoa for our products.  UTZ Certified stands for sustainable farming and better opportunities for farmers, their families and our planet.


The history of Nürnberger Lebkuchen

Lebkuchen-Tradition in Nürnberg

It was in 1409 that the word Lebkuchen was first mentioned in a Franconian manuscript. The oldest existing written Lebkuchen recipe originates from the sixteenth century. The original simple medieval recipes became more and more developed, as evidenced by the “Complete Nürnberg Cookbook” from 1691.

Honeycutters and Lebkuchen-bakers

In the fifteenth century, beekeepers or honey-cutters collected honey from woodland bee-hives in the Reichswald forest just outside Nürnberg. As Nürnberg was located at the intersection of several famous trade routes, bakers had access to all manner of exotic spices. It was from these ingredients, together with honey and nuts that the first Nürnberg Lebkuchen originated. Even in these early days, it was held in such high esteem that in 1643, the Lebkuchen bakers left the bakers’ guild to set up an association of their own.

Protected Origin

Since 1996, the designation “Nürnberger Lebkuchen” has enjoyed legal protection as a geographic designation of origin, and is thus recognised throughout Europe. The most important requirement to be allowed to carry the famous name is manufacturing within the city limits of Nuremberg.

Lebkuchenguide for Connoisseurs

Nine spices are essential!

With camels along silk road, with sailing ships across the Mediterranean Sea, and with donkeys across the alps – the long and exhausting track of the spices in the Middle Ages went from the most remote places on earth via Venice to Nuremberg, the important centre of the spice trade during that time. Like this, the old gingerbread-bakers used some of the worlds oldest traded goods to create a tradition – gingerbread with the most delicate exotic spices; an experience for all senses.

Honey – liquid gold

As one of mankind`s oldest foods, the tradition of honey shows that is has alyways been a precious good throughout history. Each civilization, from the Ancient Egyptians to the Romans and the Germanic tribes worshiped this healthy natural product, as sweetener medical elixir or by singing about ists alcoholic form, the “mead”. In the medieval Nuremberg, “Zeidler” were the guardians of the bees, who ensured the availability of this important ingredient of the Nürnberger Lebkuchen. Today beekeepers protect and keep the bees as an important part of our ecosystem.

Chocolate with 70% cocoa:

For all Lebkuchen and pastries which are coated with dark chocolate we solely use high-quality chocolate with an especially high cocoa content of 70%. The term is dark chocolate.

Premium Elisen-Lebkuchen

They are the “Premium Product” amongst the Oblaten-Lebkuchen. The masses must contain a minimum of 25% almonds and/or hazelnuts and/or walnuts and maximum 10% cereal flower is allowed. According to the guidelines for fine bakery products the masses – also called doughs – are spread onto the wafers and are baked after a slight drying of the surface. Afterwards the Lebkuchen are refined with chocolate or sugar icing.

Fine Oblaten-Lebkuchen

This variety contains not less than 14% of nuts and kernels. Our Meistersinger Oblaten-Lebkuchen contain even 20% nuts and kernels. 50% thereof are almonds and/or hazelnuts and/or walnuts.

White Lebkuchen

White Lebkuchen contain a minimum of 15% whole eggs or a corresponding quantity of egg – or milk – protein products, and not more than 40% flour or starch. Being characterised by a mild anise flavour and their biscuit-like consistency they are produced in rectangular form and are neither glazed, coated or filled. An addition of oilseed is not required.

Brown Lebkuchen

These include all types of Lebkuchen which are formed, rolled or cut out and not baked on wafers. They are produced with or without oilseeds. Lebkuchen with this designation, i. e. without an indication of oilseed contents, may contain no more than 3% added fat in relation to the flour content.

The Lebkuchen-Bakery

our new shopping-experience in Nuremberg

Centrally at the Main Market Square in Nuremberg, the location of the world famous “Christkindlemarket”, you can experience the high art of Lebkuchen baking with all senses! Our new shop-café “Die Lebküchnerei” – The Lebkuchen-Bakery presents itself as outstanding world of shopping and taste. Here you can enjoy pasty specialties from Wicklein in our unique ambience, combining both tradition and modernity, in a relaxing atmosphere after your city tour and you can admire the century old craftsmanship very closely.

Experience our complete assortment throughout the whole year, watch skilled Lebkuchen bakers and bring very special, individual gifts home for your beloved ones. A place to discover, enjoy, stay and shop.

Our assortment

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As our products are seasonal items, which delight people during autumn and the pre-Christmas period, you find Wicklein from September to December in the shelves of the most important food-retailers. Our products cannot be ordered directly.


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